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How to make an appointment?


1.    Navigate to the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre'swebsite, and select Germany, Frankfurt in order to arrive at the Frankfurt Centre's homepage.

2.    Read the specific 'Step by Step Guidance' section's information regarding your particular purpose of visit and your visa requirements.

3.    Enter the ' Quick Access' section from the homepage, and then select 'Online Application Form' to fill in your application form online. The online application form will require you to upload a recent standard photograph.

4.    After filling in the application form, please prints out the complete form,sign on the 1st and the 8th page.

5.    Enter the 'Online Appointment' section, fill in the application form number which is automatically generated and is started with 'FRA'. Choose a time slot and finish the appointment booking. The system will automatically send you a confirmation email. Please print the confirmation email out or screenshot the appointment time information and show your appointment while you arrive at Frankfurt Visa Centre. 


Except humanitarian visa, the visa centre can't accept any application without an appointemnt. An online appointment must be booked before you come to the Chinese Visa Application Centre to submit your application. 


6. Service, diplomatic and courtesy visa applicants can still fill in an online application form on our website, print out and sign, but will not need to book an appointment with the Visa Application Centre. Instead you will be required to directly to the Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt to submit application materials, providing fingerprints and any other biometric information that may be required. 


Please be aware that from 16th December 2019 onward, the visa centres in Germany will  take a photograph and capture fingerprints for each applicant who are aged between 14 to 70 when applicants submitting their applications at the Visa Application Centre . Please click here forinformation regarding leaving fingerprints 

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