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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks


Q: The Interior Ministry of Pakistan has reportedly confirmed the killing of the two Chinese nationals who were actually in Pakistan for preaching activities. The Pakistani side said that they will enhance visa regulations. Can you confirm it?

A: The Chinese side has been highly concerned about the information that the two kidnapped Chinese in Pakistan might have been killed. So far, the Pakistani side has yet to finally confirm the aforementioned information to China. We will continue to do our best and coordinate with the Pakistani side to verify as soon as possible the relevant situation.

China firmly opposes and strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and extreme violent actions targeting civilians, and supports Pakistan in its efforts to fight against terrorist forces and safeguard national security and stability. China will further strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation with the international community to ensure peace and stability of the region and beyond.

China and Pakistan have been in close communication and coordination with each other since the kidnapping incident took place. We acknowledge the positive efforts made by the Pakistani side to try and rescue the kidnapped and commend the pledge made by the Pakistani side to take further effective measures to ensure the security of Chinese nationals and institutions in Pakistan.

Attaching high importance to protecting the safety and lawful rights and interests of Chinese nationals overseas, China stands ready to enhance communication and cooperation with the relevant countries. Meanwhile, we always ask Chinese nationals traveling overseas to observe local laws and regulations, respect local customs and practices, and heighten awareness for potential risks. As for reports on Chinese nationals allegedly engaging in illegal preaching activities in Pakistan, we will work with the Pakistani government to carry out investigation in accordance with law.

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