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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on G7 Summit Communique's Mention of East and South China Seas


Q: The joint communique of the G7 Summit in Italy mentioned issues of the East and South China Seas. What is your comment on that?

A: We have noted that and are strongly dissatisfied with the G7 post-summit communique's irresponsible reference to the issues of the East and South China Seas under the guise of international law.

China's position on the issues of the East and South China Seas is clear and consistent. The Chinese side stays committed to properly managing and addressing relevant disputes through negotiation and consultation with countries directly concerned, advancing cooperation in different fields, jointly safeguarding peace and stability in the East and South China Seas, and upholding freedom of navigation and overflight as well as safety of the shipping lanes.

We hope that the G7 and countries without the region will get a clear picture of the situation, honor their commitment of not taking sides on relevant disputes, fully respect efforts made by countries within the region to manage disputes, stop making irresponsible remarks and work constructively for regional peace and stability.

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