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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Military Strike Against Targets in Syria


Q: Does China have any further comment on the US launching military strike against targets in Syria in response to the chemical weapons attack there?

A: I stated clearly China's position at yesterday's press conference. I would like to stress that the Chinese side always opposes the use of force in international relations and maintains that disputes should be peacefully resolved through political and diplomatic means such as dialogue and consultation. We oppose the use of chemical weapons by any country, organization or person for any purpose and under any circumstance, and support relevant UN agencies in carrying out independent and comprehensive investigations into all uses or suspected uses of chemical weapons and, on the basis of solid evidence, reaching a conclusion which can stand the test of history and facts. What is imperative is to prevent further deterioration of the situation and uphold the hard-won process of political settlement of the Syrian issue.

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