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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on December 14, 2016


Q: The Commander of the US Pacific fleet said in Australia today that the US is ready to confront China on the South China Sea if China continues to take actions detrimental to regional stability. What is your comment?

A: China's position on the South China Sea issue is very clear and is subject to no change. At present, thanks to the concerted efforts of China and relevant countries in the South China Sea, the situation in the South China Sea has been stabilized and is improving.

We hope that the US can stick to its pledge of not taking sides on sovereign disputes over the South China Sea, respect regional countries' efforts to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea and contribute more to that end.

Q: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of the US said that Taiwan should increase its defense spending to deal with the growing military threat from China. What is your comment?

A: China opposes any official contacts and military connections between the US and Taiwan. We urge the US side to stick to the one China policy and the principles of the three joint communiqu├ęs, and approach the Taiwan question with prudence so as to avoid unnecessary disruptions to the overall interests of the China-US relationship.

Q: China vetoed the draft resolution on ceasefire in Aleppo at the Security Council. Does China agree that its veto led to the current situation in Aleppo?

A: As for our vote at the Security Council, China's Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Liu Jieyi, has already talked about China's position in great details after the vote was cast. My colleague also added some comments last week.

I want to stress that China upholds an objective and unbiased position on the Syrian issue, and we vote based on merits of the issues and China's long-standing policies and positions. What has happened shows that the Syrian issue can only be resolved through peace negotiations. Exerting pressure unilaterally is in no way helpful. We hope that Syria can restore peace and stability at an early date, and call on the international community to support an early resumption of Syrian-led peace talks, enhance coordination, and forge synergy to counter terrorism.

Q: The past 24 hours saw serious fighting in Aleppo, Syria. What is your comment on the latest situation in Aleppo?

A: China follows closely the situation in some parts of Syria, Aleppo included. Under the current circumstances, the international community must stick to the direction of resolving the Syrian issue through political means and work together to replace the issue back on the track of dialogue and consultation. We have been repeating that the international community should advance in parallel the ceasefire, political peace talks, counter-terrorism cooperation and humanitarian assistance, support the UN in playing a major mediation role, and work for an early resumption of the Geneva peace talks. China would like to work with the international community and strive for an early political settlement of the Syrian issue.

Q: It is reported that China would like to consider assisting the Philippines in combating terrorism and drug trafficking, including providing light arms. Can you confirm? What is your comment?

A: I answered a similar question the day before yesterday. As China and the Philippines work on improving their relations, China stands ready to resume and strengthen its exchanges and cooperation with the Philippines in various fields. Military exchanges and cooperation is an important part of bilateral relations. China supports President Duterte in carrying out counter-terrorism and anti-drug actions within his country in accordance with the law.

Q: An unidentified official of the National Development and Reform Commission reportedly said that China will soon punish a US car-maker for monopolistic behaviors. Can you confirm and do you have any details on this? Some people speculated that this is China seeking retaliation against US President-elect Trump's comments on Taiwan recently. What is your response?

A: I have no details to offer. If you would like to know more, you can ask the competent authorities. In principle, as we have been saying, China welcomes investment and business operations by foreign companies, including US companies in China. At the same time, it goes without saying that they must obey Chinese laws and regulations.

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