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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on December 1, 2016


Q: On November 30 local time, the UN Security Council adopted a new resolution on the DPRK which was described as the toughest sanctions ever imposed by the Security Council on one country. What is China's comment on the new resolution?

A: The Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2321 on November 30. Ambassador Liu Jieyi of China's Permanent Mission to the United Nations has already made a statement on that, fully elaborating on China's position. I would like to highlight the following points.

First, the resolution demonstrates the international community's uniform stand against the development by the DPRK of its nuclear and missile programs and for the maintenance of the international non-proliferation regime. It also reaffirms the commitment to safeguarding peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, peacefully resolving the issue through diplomatic and political means and backing the resumption of the Six-Party Talks and the September 19 Joint Statement. The resolution not only rolls out new measures which reflect the resolve of the Security Council, but also states that it is not intended to have adverse humanitarian consequences for the civilian population of the DPRK, nor negative impact on its normal economic activities and trade. We maintain that Resolution 2321 must be fully implemented in a balanced way.

Second, the Chinese side stands for denuclearization on the Peninsula, peace and stability of the Peninsula and settlement of the issue through dialogue and consultation. What is imperative is that all relevant parties should come back to the negotiation table, lower the tension on the Peninsula, restart the Six-Party Talks as soon as possible and work jointly for denuclearization, peace and stability of the Peninsula.

Third, the current situation on the Peninsula is complex and sensitive. The Chinese side calls on all relevant parties to avoid doing or saying anything that may escalate the tension, opposes the deployment of THAAD on the Peninsula, and urges parties concerned to halt the process.

Q: According to a document, at least one of the Chinese border posts on the border between China and Mongolia has begun asking truckers who want to bring goods to China to pay money. Is this connected to China's displeasure with Mongolia of hosting the Dalai Lama last week?

A: I am not aware of what you said. As for the Dalai Lama's visit to Mongolia, the Chinese side has made its point on many occasions.

Q: Can you confirm that China will limit its coal imports from the DPRK under 7.5 million tonnes next year?

A: As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has been implementing Security Council resolutions in a responsible manner, and performing its due international obligations as prescribed in the UN Charter. We will faithfully observe Resolution 2321 of the Security Council.

Q: Some sources in Taiwan said that China is approaching the Dominican Republic for the possibility of opening official ties with the Latin American country. Can you confirm this and give us more details?

A: There is but one China in the world. That is the consensus of the international community.

Q: According to the ROK media, the Chinese side made a surprise tax investigation into the Lotte Group in China the day before yesterday. What is China's comment on the report? Was that because of the deployment of THAAD?

A: I have no information about the operation of the Lotte Group in China. I suggest you contact the competent authorities for details if interested.

China's position on the issue of THAAD is clear. We strongly oppose the deployment of THAAD by the US in the ROK.

Q: Resolution 2321 calls on UN members to cut the number of staff at DPRK's foreign missions on their soil. Is China going to do so?

A: As I just said, the Chinese side will conscientiously implement Resolution 2321 of the Security Council.

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