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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on November 16, 2016


Q:It is reported that this afternnon, Yang Xiuzhu who is on the top of the red notice list has turned herself in after returning from the US. Could you offer more details?

A: On the afternoon of November 16, Yang Xiuzhu, a suspect of corruption and bribery, turned herself in after returning from the US to China.

Yang Xiuzhu fled abroad in 2003 to evade legal punishment. After hiding in several countries, she escaped to the US in May, 2014. Through the Working Group on Anti-corruption under the China-US Joint Liasion Group on Law Enforcement Cooperation, China and the US conducted communication and cooperation that finally led to Yang Xiuzhu’s voluntary return to China after 13 years on the run. Her return is an important achievement of China-US law enforcement cooperation on fighting corruption. China appreciates and thanks the assistance and cooperation offered by the US and other countries.

Successful law enforcement cooperation between China and the US on a series of cases including the Yang Xiuzhu one shows that corruption is an enemy for the international community. As more and more countries adopt the principle of zero tolerance to fugitives and illicit assets, zero loopholes in the international anti-corruption system, and zero obstacle to relevant international cooperation, more and more positive results have been produced by international law enforcement cooperation against corruption. The Chinese government will continue to work with relevant countries and make unremitting efforts to bring all the on-the-run corrupt officials to justice.

Q: According to the Japanese media, on November 15, the Japanese government decided to entrust its land self-defense force which is now in South Sudan for peacekeeping operations with a new task of “support and escort” based on the new security legislation. What is your comment?

A: Due to historical reasons, it is easy to understand why Japan’s moves in the military and security fields are closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community. We hope the Japanese side can stick to its pledge of following a path for peaceful development and truly play a positive and constructive role in regional and world peace and stability.

As for Japan’s participation in the UN peacekeeping operations, China welcomes the participation of countries who have the political will and capability in UN peacekeeping operations in accordance with the UN Charter and norms governing peacekeeping operations. But their operations must have the explicit mandate from the Security Council and answer to the unified command of the UN.

Q: Was it at the request of the Chinese government that the US previously detained Yang Xiuzhu? Why did China still put her on the red notice list when she was already under custody in the US?

A: The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has released detailed information on its website. You can check on that.

Q: It is reported that the ROK Lotte Group has agreed with the ROK military to exchange a piece of state-owned land with its golf course in Seongju where the THAAD battery can be deployed. What is your comment?

A: China has noted the relevant information. The US deployment of THAAD in the ROK gravely undermines regional strategic balance and the strategic security interests of regional countries including China, and runs counter to the efforts to safeguard peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula. China has on many occasions expressed its concerns and made its opposition clear. We urge relevant parties to take China’s legitimate concerns seriously and put an end to the deployment process. China will definitely take necessary measures to safeguard its security interests.

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