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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks


Q: Reports say that Foreign Minister Wang Yi will travel to Japan for the China-Japan-ROK foreign ministers meeting. Is that Foreign Minister Wang Yi's first visit to Japan since assuming the post of foreign minister. Will he talk with the Japanese side about improving bilateral relations?

A: Japan serves as the rotating coordinator of China-Japan-ROK cooperation this year. Therefore, meetings on trilateral cooperation will be held in Japan. The Japanese side has been expressing the hope of inviting Chinese and ROK foreign ministers to attend the 8th trilateral foreign ministers meeting for discussions on trilateral cooperation. The three parties are consulting with each other about when to hold the meeting. This is a regular multilateral meeting rather than a bilateral visit.

China's position on its relations with Japan is consistent and clear. We solemnly urge the Japanese side to act in accordance with the four political documents and the four-point principled agreement, adopt a positive policy toward China, properly deal with major sensitive issues and make concrete efforts for the improvement of bilateral relations.

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