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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on China's Efforts to Ease Situation in South Sudan


Q: Recently, Zhong Jianhua, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on African Affairs, visited Ethiopia and other regional countries for the South Sudan issue. Could you give more details about the visit? What further steps will China take to ease the tension in South Sudan?

A: After the sudden change of situation in South Sudan, China has maintained close communication and coordination with other mediating parties to actively promote peace talks and move conflicting parties in South Sudan towards implementing ceasefire, halting violence and resuming talks at an early date.

Recently, Zhong Jianhua, Special Representative of the Chinese Government on African Affairs, visited Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, etc. He had in-depth exchanges of views with the Kenyan foreign minister, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, and the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security, etc.

On the whole, regional countries and organizations are concerned about the current situation in South Sudan and maintain that the international community should step up mediation efforts and strive for an amelioration of the situation in South Sudan at an early date. Relevant parties also talked about adjusting the authorization of the UN Mission in South Sudan, sending additional armed forces by regional countries to South Sudan and other issues from the perspective of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development's (IGAD).

Special Representative Zhong Jianhua introduced China's position. He said that China supports African countries in resolving African issues in a African way and regional countries and IGAD in maintaining communication and coordination with relevant parties involved in the South Sudan issue. China is willing to maintain close contact with relevant parties and continue to push forward the peace process of South Sudan.

On July 31st, Special Representative Zhong Jianhua and the Sudanese side will jointly hold the Third High-Level Meeting of the JEMC Partners Group in Khartoum. He will spare no efforts to encourage relevant parties of the international community to reach a consensus on easing the situation in South Sudan at an early date and put the peace transition process back on the right track.

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