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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks


Q: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on the afternoon of July 16 that the coup attempt launched by a handful of military staff was foiled. What's your comment? Has any Chinese citizen been affected by this? What's your take on the "Gulen's movement" which is accused of orchestrating this coup?

A: We are delighted to see that order and stability have been generally restored to Turkey at the moment. As a heavyweight in the Middle East, Turkey exerts considerable influence on peace and stability of this region. China supports the efforts by the Turkish side to uphold national security and stability.

We follow closely how Chinese citizens are doing in Turkey. China's diplomatic missions in Turkey offered consular protection and services to Chinese citizens in Turkey right after the incident took place. All Chinese citizens in Turkey are currently safe and sound, and those stranded in the Istanbul airport have left successively.

I am not aware of the "Gulen's movement". I would like to reiterate that China hopes for peace and stability in Turkey given the friendly ties the two countries enjoy.

Q: It is reported that local police clashed with residents in Indian-administered Kashmir and many have been left killed or injured. Pakistan has voiced its denouncement, and the UN and some other countries have expressed their concerns. What's your comment?

A: China has taken note of relevant reports. We are equally concerned about the casualties in the clash, and hope that relevant incident will be handled properly. The Kashmir issue is left over from history. China holds a consistent stance and hopes relevant parties will address the issue peacefully through dialogue.

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