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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on June 3, 2016


At the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay will pay an official visit to China from June 6 to 10.

Q: Will the Chinese side continue with its participation in UN peacekeeping operations following the terrorist attack where Chinese peacekeepers in Mali were killed and injured? We have noted that China has sent a task force to Mali. Is the Foreign Minister involved in that?

A: The UN Security Council issued a presidential press statement on the terrorist attack on June 1, demanding that the perpetrators, organizers, sponsors and supporters of the terrorist act must be held accountable. We ask all relevant parties to immediately get down to the case and punish the perpetrators. There have been several terrorist attacks against UN peacekeepers in Mali, causing the death and injury of peacekeepers from multiple countries including China, Togo and Chad. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also pledged to suggest the Security Council that the capabilities of the UN missions be enhanced. The international community should work in unison in support of UN peacekeeping operations and crack down on all forms of terrorism.

China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It is a weighty responsibility that China will definitely shoulder. In his statement about the terrorist attack, Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that China's commitment to peace and security of Africa and beyond will not change, and that China's efforts to help African countries realize peace and security will not wane. China will continue with its participation in UN peacekeeping operations and uphold UN's central role in international affairs.

The task force made up of the Chinese military and Foreign Ministry is on its way to Mali. The Foreign Ministry has already asked relevant Chinese diplomatic missions to offer all necessary assistance, communicate and coordinate closely with the UN and governments of Mali and other relevant countries, go all out to assist Chinese peacekeeping forces in treating the injured and properly deal with follow-up matters. The Chinese side will take all necessary measures to protect Chinese peacekeepers.

Q: The US Department of Commerce subpoenaed China's Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. as part of the probe into its transactions with countries like Iran, the DPRK and Syria. What is China's comment? Has the Chinese side protested with the US side?

A: I have noted the report as well as the statement by Huawei which said that it abides by laws and regulations of host countries.

Q: China has been making great efforts to promote international cooperation on production capacity. The central China international production capacity cooperation forum and negotiation meeting for companies will kick off in Wuhan, Hubei Province next week, the Foreign Ministry being one of its organizers. Please confirm this and give us more details.

A: The central China international production capacity cooperation forum and negotiation meeting for companies will be held in Wuhan, Hubei Province from June 5 to 6. The forum is co-organized by the People's Government of Hubei Province, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Foreign Ministry with the help of relevant provinces in central China. Dozens of senior officials at ministerial level from 72 countries as well as over 1,000 entrepreneurs from home and abroad will attend the forum.

Against the backdrop that downward risks still cast a shadow on world economy and that developing countries are picking up speed in forming a new mode of industrialization, enhancing international cooperation on production capacity and industries is a primary channel to develop the real economy, accelerate structural reform and optimize the global industrial chain. The six provinces in central China are important production bases with extensive room for industrial cooperation. It is hoped that this forum will "invite in" companies and opportunities for industrial cooperation and help our companies and industries "go global", enable companies from home and abroad to match supply with demand, share information and launch joint projects, offer counsel to regional economic development and set up a platform for cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. Senior officials and entrepreneurs from over 70 countries will discuss how to promote international cooperation on production capacity and industries, sending a strong signal that enhanced international cooperation on production and industries satisfies market demand and meets all countries' need to realize industrial upgrading and restructuring. This is a pivotal step toward complementary and win-win cooperation.

Q: Days ago, a leading official from the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) openly acknowledged that they hid the truth about the Fukushima nuclear crisis which happened 5 years ago. According to some Japanese scholars' papers, the rate of children suffering from thyroid cancer in Fukushima Prefecture is 20 to 50 times higher than the national average, due to the radiation exposure from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Some American experts said that 80% of the nuclear-contaminated substance was discharged to the ocean. But the Japanese government has repeatedly denied and downplayed the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Is China concerned about this? Have you contacted countries which may be affected by the nuclear disaster, like the ROK?

A: China has been paying close attention to the impact of the Fukushima nuclear leakage incident, and has repeatedly asked the Japanese government to timely control the situation and properly deal with the aftermath. Meanwhile, we have asked the International Atomic Energy Agency to step up their monitoring and evaluation on the leakage of nuclear-contaminated water. It is hoped that fully aware of its responsibility to its people, people of its neighbors and the international community, Japan can take effective measures and step up its efforts to timely, fully and accurately inform the international community of the real situation and protect the marine environment.

We would like to have communication and contact with relevant parties, including the ROK.

Follow-up: we have seen more and more Chinese travelling to Japan recently. Has the Foreign Ministry issued consular alert on the Fukushima nuclear crisis and the danger it poses?

A: The Foreign Ministry issued a safety alert immediately after Japan was hit by the massive earthquake in 2011, advising Chinese citizens and groups to avoid major quake-hit zones, like Fukushima, as much as possible. This alert is still standing at the moment. We hope that Chinese citizens will follow closely the safety alert issued on China's consular service website by the Foreign Ministry, arrange well-thought trips and ensure their personal safety.

Q: The captain of the Chinese fishing boat detained by Indonesia admitted that the boat had conducted illegal fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Indonesia. What is China's comment on that?

A: What you just said is different from what I have learnt. China and Indonesia are of different views on the waters where the incident took place. The two sides are in close communication on that. We hope to properly resolve it as soon as possible through communication.

Q: A journalist just mentioned that 80% of the nuclear-contaminated substance was leaked to the ocean. I also saw a study by some Japanese experts, which shows that the west side of the Pacific Ocean has a lower level of radioactive caesium than the east side. It means that the movements of ocean currents have carried radioactive caesium to the west coast of the US. Do you know if the US has any response to this? Will China and the US talk about this during the upcoming Strategic and Economic Dialogues (S&EDs)? Will the two sides cooperate to deal with this?

A: It seems that you are all very keen on this issue. Any responsible government will pay close attention to the Fukushima nuclear leakage and the hazards it poses to the marine environment and people's health. As far as I know, China and the US discussed cooperation on nuclear security under the framework of the S&EDs in the past two years. We talked about the lessons from the disaster. As for US response, maybe you should ask the US directly.

Q: Can you give us more details about the agenda of the eighth S&EDs?

A: We held a Lanting Forum on the upcoming S&EDs yesterday morning. Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang, Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao and Vice Education Minister Hao Ping went into details about the topics and agenda of the eighth S&EDs and the seventh China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange. The information has already been put on our website.

Q: The US State Department released its Country Report on Terrorism 2015. It mentioned China's primary focus on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and the lack of transparency and information about violent incidents in China that the government characterized as terrorism. What is your comment?

A: We have noted this reported issued by the US State Department and are dissatisfied with its false statements about China. We regret that the US has a non-objective evaluation on China-US cooperation on counter-terrorism. The US makes irresponsible accusations against counter-terrorism policies in China and other countries by issuing such a report. China will not accept that.

Terrorism is the arch-enemy for human civilization. To fight terrorism as one is the pressing task and duty for the international community. Applying double standards on counter-terrorism is the reason why we are seeing more and more terrorist attacks despite years of efforts to fight it. Double standards will not help international counter-terrorism cooperation.

China attaches importance to and has been playing a positive part in international counter-terrorism cooperation. We will continue with our communication and cooperation with others including the US on counter-terrorism based on mutual respect and equality. The ETIM is an international terrorist organization jointly listed by China, the US and other countries and designated by the UN. Cracking down on the East Turkistan terrorist forces with the ETIM as its representative is China's core concern on the counter-terrorism issue. We hope that the relevant country can respect that.


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